Coctelerias of Barcelona

 Catalonia and its capital are famous of Michelin restaurants, but Barcelona is getting famous also for its cocktail bars.

I´ve got a couple of recommendations for those who are nostalgic of vintage but still attractive and the most modern and cool places where you can have one of those creasy cocktails.

On one hand, there is a real cocktail Mecca which has been there for ages  and is known for everyone in the city even they aren´t  frequent visitors, everyone in the city, unless once, have had a drink in Milano.

Milano is like a travel to a past, once you cross the door you´ll pass from Barcelona to Chicago´s a kind of underground cocktail bar with its red booths and dim lighting, giving a delicious aesthetic of the 1940s. It´s not only interior design it´s a live music, waiters who look just jumped from white and black gangster movie. It´s generous cocktail menu can make you doubt and if you are not sure just tell to the waiter the mood you´re and they´ll get you the best drink you´ve ever had.

On the other hand, there is a place called Dr. Stravinsky. A mysterious light calls you from a hidden corner in Gothic part of the city. An amber-colored liquid falls, drop by drop, in a hypnotic process of cold infusion. This is one of the many processes they use to create drinks they serve, even the water they use they bring it from Tamariu´s natural source.

Definitely it´s an alchemists laboratory they have mixes you never heard and they taste like nothing you´ve tried before, for example you can get a cocktail with weird mix and served with foie gras ice cream.

My favorite is Camp Nou a mix of syrup of dill, thyme and coriander, house-distilled gin, limes and camomila, has a freshness and flavor like nothing you’ve ever tried. Just in a 6 month after opening they´ve been named “Best New European Bar” by Mixology Bar Awards.

Obviously there´re more bars where you can get a cocktail and the good one but I pointed out these two as Milano and cocktail are joined at the hip and Dr. Stravinsky is that corner of the old city you can´t miss.

Cheers !!!!!

Treasures of Barcelona

Today I´ve my favourite building in Barcelona for you, ladies and gentlemen meet her majesty La Casa Amatller!

Catalan chocolatier Antoni Amatller Costa came in to the family business from his father.  The young entrepreneur modernised and improved production chain, introduced new products  and ended  as one of the most  successful  businessman of that times, now days we still enjoy his chocolate,  but his baby isn´t Amatller Chocolate but the Amatller House.

On March 1898 Antoni  Amatller bought a property, built in 1875, at Paseig de Gràcia in Barcelona, in order to turn it into his place of residence. He put Josep Puig i Cadafalch in charge to remodel the building. Josep Puig i Cadafalch was a Catalan modernist architect, who designed many significant buildings in Barcelona, as la Casa Martí (known as “Els Quatre Gats”) among them, a place of ideas and social gatherings frequented by Santiago Rusiñol and Ramon Casas. Puig’s style separated him significantly from his contemporary Antoni Gaudí, they were not best friends but they collaborated in construction of Café Torino.  Puig created more modern style architecture, using traditional arts as a base adapting them to new materials. An essential factor was the collaboration of craftsmen who, revived and fortified by the historical and literary renaissance.

The project ended in a radical transformation of the building, including the demolition and subsequent rebuilding of the façade, for me the most impressive part of the building. For the new façade, with connotations from the Romanesque to the Baroque, the architect shied away from the vertical alignment of the components, distributing an uneven number of openings on each floor, and even looking to create an effect of balanced asymmetry and a fictitious irregularity, seeing as all horizontal. The singular stair-like top that crowns the building serves to integrate the new photographic studio built on the roof (by law it had to be separated by some metres from the neighbouring buildings) with the rest of the building. It was a solution that the architect adopted, in order to resolve the apparent problem of terraced houses with gabled roofs.

La Casa Amatller shares a wall with Gaudi´s so famous Casa Batllo, the most beautiful fairy tale house I´ve ever seen. The fact that Gaudi is far more famous and the two buildings are together makes that La Casa Amatller isn´t appreciated properly, which is a pity, as for me it´s a real treasure of architecture, maybe far more interesting then Gaudi´s Casa Batllo o La Pedrera.


Gourmet Barça!

Hoy voy a recomendar algunos restaurantes para culés, para después del partido si os apetece. Bueno, si sois merengues y de buen comer también os dejarán entrar.
9 Reinas – uno de los dueños es Javier Mascherano y como no podía ser de otra manera sirven carnes deliciosas de todo el mundo. Si tenéis suerte os vais a encontrar con algún que otro jugador disfrutando su matambre.
Bellavista Jardín del Norte – propiedad del mismísimo L10, dentro encontrareis varias ofertas gastronómicas como pescadería, pizzeria, parrilla argentina, además se puede ver fútbol comiendo, como no.
Yours! – uno de los socios es Gerard Piquè y la cocina está a cargo del chef Juanjo Mestres. Sirven carne, carne y carne… hamburguesa, tartar con bovino, costillas…Y algo que se me olvidaba… entre los socios están ´´Els Amics de les Arts´´, grupo pop catalán, tienen su piano en el local y de vez en cuando tocan para el público.
Botego FOgO/Alquimia FOgO – del lateral derecho de FCB Dani Álves y regentado por su ex chef personal João Alcantara. Son dos espacios en uno, Botego FOgo de día, es un espacio popular con comida tradicional de Brasil, aquí podéis disfrutar de una autentica feijoada brasileña. De noche el local se convierte en Alquimia FOgO (ya os dije que es de Dani Álves, alguna sorpresa tenía que tener 💗) con platos más sofisticados, la única opción es menú de degustación compuesto de platos típicos de las regiones de Brasil como churrasqinho o mandioca con enfoque moderno pero sin perder la esencia.
Bon Appetit !!

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