Have yourself a wacky little Catalan Christmas!!

Christmas is almost here and if you visit Barcelona ( Catalonia) and go to one of the  tourist attractions of these days  Santa Lucia  Market ( Popular Christmas Market in front of the Cathedral)  you´ll  find yourself surrounded by   pooping  US President  or  all powerful  Mr. Putin , so let me to introduce you  the two  most funny Christmas symbols  in Catalonia such is  El Caganer (pooping folk) known as The Shitter  and  Caga Tió ( poo log).

Poo is in the air, everywhere I look around
Poo is in the air, every sight and every sound

Oh, Poo is in the air….  Poo is in the air ….Oh, oh, oh, oh, uh!!!

So Christmas poo is on the air and these two guys are the soul of Catalan Christmas.

El caganer: Traditionally it´s a pooping Catalan peasant with traditional red hat la Barettina, but nowadays you can find caganer politicians or celebrities, all of them pooping for you for Christmas. Of course there are many legends explaining the origin why pooping fellow for Xmas, but my favorite is the one which says that it´s a kind of homage to Equality: Regardless of class, race, age or gender, everyone poops even selfsame Kim Jong –un.

Caga tió:  Literally it´s a log with two front stick legs and painted funny face and to make it 100% Catalan also wears the red Barretina.  Starving Caga Tió arrives to families on beginnings of December and children are in charge  to feed it with as much food as possible, as more food it gets more poo it´ll give for Christmas, yes sir ! You´ve heard me right!!!

On December 25 children start beating  the poor log with a long stick and make him to poo out  gifts ( the poo / gifts, which appear behind the Tió under a blanket, obviously placed there before by whoever (parents or grannies)  and the log ´´ torture´´ is accompanied by song :

                                Poop log, log of Christmas, don´t poop herrings,

                         They ´re too salty, poop nougat which are much better!!

                                           Oh, oh, oh, oh, uh!!!

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