Feel the magic in the air!

Tonight January 5th we have a magic night as the three magic Kings from East just arrived to the harbour. None of them is the king of Spain nope, the three kings are:  Balthazar from Arabia and presents a gift of myrrh, Gaspar hails from India and offers an aromatic resin and his majesty Melchior of Persia, who brings gold. I’m not sure that children ,all of them, know that the tradition of the three kings recalls the biblical story of three ´´magi ´´who visited a new born Jesus to offer him gifts.  The only thing every child  knows  is  make sure to have ready a letter to the kings asking a gift to honour  a good behaviour during the year, because  if not you only get sweet charcoal from Balthazar.

A   festive procession of floats hailing the arrival of their majesties starts at the harbour, they do their way through the city greeting children and throwing those candies and a court pages are in charge to collect letters form children.

When the children return home, they leave food and drink for the Kings and their camels. Every child goes to bed early tonight, hoping that the letter they’ve sent to their favourite king, detailing all of their wishes, will be answered and when they awake in the morning they´ll find their presents left by Kings while they were sleeping.

I wish I’d be a child waiting for my gift tonight….

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