Feel the magic in the air!

Tonight January 5th we have a magic night as the three magic Kings from East just arrived to the harbour. None of them is the king of Spain nope, the three kings are:  Balthazar from Arabia and presents a gift of myrrh, Gaspar hails from India and offers an aromatic resin and his majesty Melchior of Persia, who brings gold. I’m not sure that children ,all of them, know that the tradition of the three kings recalls the biblical story of three ´´magi ´´who visited a new born Jesus to offer him gifts.  The only thing every child  knows  is  make sure to have ready a letter to the kings asking a gift to honour  a good behaviour during the year, because  if not you only get sweet charcoal from Balthazar.

A   festive procession of floats hailing the arrival of their majesties starts at the harbour, they do their way through the city greeting children and throwing those candies and a court pages are in charge to collect letters form children.

When the children return home, they leave food and drink for the Kings and their camels. Every child goes to bed early tonight, hoping that the letter they’ve sent to their favourite king, detailing all of their wishes, will be answered and when they awake in the morning they´ll find their presents left by Kings while they were sleeping.

I wish I’d be a child waiting for my gift tonight….

Have yourself a wacky little Catalan Christmas!!

Christmas is almost here and if you visit Barcelona ( Catalonia) and go to one of the  tourist attractions of these days  Santa Lucia  Market ( Popular Christmas Market in front of the Cathedral)  you´ll  find yourself surrounded by   pooping  US President  or  all powerful  Mr. Putin , so let me to introduce you  the two  most funny Christmas symbols  in Catalonia such is  El Caganer (pooping folk) known as The Shitter  and  Caga Tió ( poo log).

Poo is in the air, everywhere I look around
Poo is in the air, every sight and every sound

Oh, Poo is in the air….  Poo is in the air ….Oh, oh, oh, oh, uh!!!

So Christmas poo is on the air and these two guys are the soul of Catalan Christmas.

El caganer: Traditionally it´s a pooping Catalan peasant with traditional red hat la Barettina, but nowadays you can find caganer politicians or celebrities, all of them pooping for you for Christmas. Of course there are many legends explaining the origin why pooping fellow for Xmas, but my favorite is the one which says that it´s a kind of homage to Equality: Regardless of class, race, age or gender, everyone poops even selfsame Kim Jong –un.

Caga tió:  Literally it´s a log with two front stick legs and painted funny face and to make it 100% Catalan also wears the red Barretina.  Starving Caga Tió arrives to families on beginnings of December and children are in charge  to feed it with as much food as possible, as more food it gets more poo it´ll give for Christmas, yes sir ! You´ve heard me right!!!

On December 25 children start beating  the poor log with a long stick and make him to poo out  gifts ( the poo / gifts, which appear behind the Tió under a blanket, obviously placed there before by whoever (parents or grannies)  and the log ´´ torture´´ is accompanied by song :

                                Poop log, log of Christmas, don´t poop herrings,

                         They ´re too salty, poop nougat which are much better!!

                                           Oh, oh, oh, oh, uh!!!

Black Thursday – The Shopping Night Barcelona

There is always that confusion if the correct way to express it,  is GO SHOPPING or DO THE SHOPPING, well, the thing is that we´re shopping at night in Barcelona.
On November 30thThe Shopping Night is held in Barcelona on Passeig de Gràcia, city´s most posh street full of Catalan modernism and the most famous brands from everywhere.
The history of this event goes back to late 60’s to so called La Gauche Divine and this year marks the 50th anniversary of a movement which brought the ´´crème de la crème´´ of art, music, literature and cinema of those times to Barcelona and contributed to an artistic and creative explosion, that today forms the identity of Barcelona´s lifestyle.
Stores, restaurants, bars will be open from 8 pm until early morning. Not only the main street, but the area of the promenade and the adjacent streets will be  scene of the most glamorous spirit of the Gauche Divine. Iconic Palau Robert recreates the atmosphere of freedom and cultural emergence that was lived in Cadaqués ( Dalí´s homeland) in the sixties, while in the area of design schools, just on the corner, we´ll revive the true revolution of the miniskirt.
Just imagine literally a shopping therapy on one of the most beautiful streets of Europe dressed for Xmas, restaurants  and stores open at the night,  art performances in each corner… can you  imagine ? Now tell me you can´t miss it.
And if you need where to stay we have a deal for you, check out here for amazing loft just in 5 min. walk from the event: Loft en Gràcia
For further information, visit also the Official Site

Casa Vicens – Gaudi. Opening soon 16th November

Una de las emblemáticas obras del arquitecto Antoni Gaudí será por fin visitable por primera vez al público a partir del próximo día 16 de Noviembre.

El edificio, construido en 1885 para la familia Vicens, se encuentra en el corazón del barrio de Gràcia, en la calle Carolines número 35, y es la primera gran obra encargada al arquitecto, imprescindible para entender su lenguaje arquitectónico y el desarrollo del Modernismo en Barcelona.

Más información: https://casavicens.org/es/casa-vicens/

One of the emblematic works of the architect Antoni Gaudí will be finally accessible for the first time to the public from next November 16th.

The building, built in 1885 for the Vicens family, is located in the heart of the Gràcia neighborhood, on 35th Carolines street, and is the first major work commissioned to the architect, essential to understand its architectural language and the development of Modernism in Barcelona.

For further information: https://casavicens.org/casa-vicens/

Quimet i Quimet | Restaurants in El Poble-sec, Barcelona

Packed to the rafters with dusty bottles of wine, this classic but minuscule bar makes up for in tapas what it lacks in space. Read more:

Origen: Quimet i Quimet | Restaurants in El Poble-sec, Barcelona

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